The Wide Array of Fiber Cement Siding Colors

Fiber cement siding is a very durable product that is quickly catching on with homeowners. According to the Portland Cement Association in Skokie, Illinois, up to 15 percent of new homes across the United States are built with fiber cement siding, and that number is expected to rise in coming years.

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But unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement siding offers a color palette limited only to your imagination. That's because fiber cement siding colors can be chosen at the factory or painted on-site to match your vision for your home's exterior.

Color Choices of Fiber Cement Siding

Cement siding offers a wide range of colors that can be painted in the factory, then sealed with a top coat. These factory-applied paints often carry a warranty of twenty-five years, which means they will not fade, crack, or discolor for decades.

In addition to the colors offered by the manufacturer, there are different grain patterns to choose from when your fiber cement siding is created. For even more architectural freedom, mix and match styles of siding, from squares, octagons, half circles, and more.

If you choose to paint the fiber cement siding yourself, the color options are endless. Fiber cement is easily painted and holds the paint for quite some time, so a new paint job will usually last at least five years, possibly much longer. If you do choose to paint the siding yourself, you can opt for priming at the factory, which will help protect your new siding from moisture.

The wide array of options for fiber cement siding colors is just one more advantage of this innovative and durable siding option. If you have been waiting to find the perfect vinyl siding colors that match your home, why not look to fiber cement siding instead?