Step By Step Guide About Installing Fiber Cement

When it comes to installing fiber cement there are a list of steps that should be observed and carefully followed to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future. It must be pointed out that each manufacturer has specific instructions regarding their product and as such homeowner should take the time to read these instructions. Even though a guide will be presented here it is intended to merely guide the homeowner and not dictate that this is the way a particular fiber cement should be installed.

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Some tips are:

  • You should always wear safety glasses when you are cutting and nailing fiber cement siding
  • When a circular saw is being used, protect your hearing with the use of earplugs.
  • You should also wear an approved dust mask that protects you from the dust than comes from cutting fiber cement siding.
  • Never cut fiber cement siding inside your house and ensure that the dust that is being collected from cutting it is going into a bad that is attached to to shop vac.

Once you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and house then you can move on to preparing the house itself for receiving the fiber cement pieces. This is done by :

  • Sheathing the walls with plywood or foam.
  • Use felt paper to cover sheathing.
  • Use markers or chalk to mark where the studs are located.

You can start installing fiber cement siding by working with the corners that are located inside and outside of the house. However,before you start this make sure you have in place a fiber cement shears and jigsaw. You should only use galvanized nails when installing fiber cement and this can be done either by hand using a hammer or by using a pneumatic nailer.