Fiber Cement Siding Contractors: How to Spot the Bad Ones

Construction and home improvement is a very big business, clocking in at more than $22 billion per year. Is it any wonder that scam artists pose as contractors in order to part you from your money? When searching for a good fiber cement siding contractor, be aware of scams, so that you can avoid them.

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Fiber Cement Siding Contractors: How to Spot the Lemons

Protect yourself by running the other way when these scams appear:

  • I need money up front: Any contractor who asks for more than ten percent of the job up-front is probably scamming you. Don't buy the line about needing up-front money for rental of equipment, either--that cost should be worked into the final estimate.

  • Uhh…whoops: This scam usually happens halfway through a job. The contractor might tell you they have found a serious problem that will drive your costs much higher. Perhaps that is true--but always get a second opinion before you pay another dime.

  • I will remember to do that. In most cases, a verbal contract does not stand up in court. Get the contract in writing, and make sure all the little details you requested are included. If they aren't, you are setting yourself up for paying more than the job requires.

  • I can give you a great deal: If a fiber cement siding contractor tells you they have an exceptional product for an unbelievable price, don't buy it. They might be offering you an incredible price because the siding has been damaged, or isn't fiber cement siding at all.

  • Don't worry about permits: Many reputable contractors will handle the permits, but they should always give you copies of what they have done. If permits are required in your area, insist on seeing them before the contractor begins any kind of work.

Don't lose out to scams--check references and take your time finding the best fiber cement siding contractors.