Fiber Cement Board and Batten : Not Just For Barns

The name ''board and batten siding'' emerged from the many barns that were using this siding technique throughout the country. However, the modern steps that have revolutionized the home improvement sector has made use of board and batten siding in home, buildings, sheds and even in garages. Known for its simplicity and relative ease of installing, the board and batten siding soon handed over its baton to a more versatile approach in siding: fiber cement board and batten.

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While the technique remains the same, the main ingredient that is the primary focus of any board and batten siding had not been replaced with fiber cement panels. This change over occurred from a number of reasons and homeowner trying to find more cost effective ways to have and maintain a house is just one of them. The wood that is used in the board and batten siding is known for the stability it offers any homeowner after a few years of usage. With the invasion of water, insects, and dilatation causes by the increase and decrease in temperatures, wood soon loses it's beautiful appeal giving rise to faded unattractive pieces that are filled with holes and rotting to dust. With fiber cement board and batten, homeowners will not have to worry about issue that affect wood because fiber cement is a very resistant material that is not affected by temperatures, insects and even time itself.

People who are looking for a wood siding will find the option that fiber cement has presented a unique choice for any make-over.