Fiber Cement Clapboard Siding

Despite the fact that clapboards were seen in colonial times there are still quite a few homes that are using them today. However, the material that had been predominately used in this type of horizontal siding has been replaced by what is known as fiber cement giving rise to designs and styles such as fiber cement clapboard siding. The overall technique of laying horizontal boards on the sides of a house so that they overlap each other has pretty much been maintained when using fiber cement. The only difference now is that homeowners are no longer getting traditional wood to add beauty to their homes for a certain time; they are getting a perfect imitation of wood that will add both beauty and durability to their house for longer periods.

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At first thought the homeowner may think that this is nothing than another hype material that promises great results and does not have the backing to defend such claims. But fiber cement clapboard siding is one material that Lives up to its hype. Fiber cement is known for its resistance against insects such as termites, and unlike wood that rots it can last for years without having to change one panel or piece. Apart from its resistance to insects is the fact that it does not burn and houses that are built with this type of material get first preference with buyers over those that are built with wood and other materials that require a lot of maintenance.