Insulated Fiber Cement Panels

If you are tired of paying high heating bills and almost having a nervous breakdown with your wood siding then it is time to change over to insulated fiber cement panels. Based on the specifications that have been outlined by ASTM C 1186-61, this material is resistant to mold and mildew which means that you can rest peacefully at night knowing that you and your family are safe from any allergies that these biological elements can cause. In addition to this the insulated fiber cement panels are also resistant to moisture and come in a number of skins.

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When it comes to installation you will not have to worry about paying high installation costs as with timber as the costs associated with the insulated fiber cement panels are less. The polystyrene core will offer long term insulation that will eventually reduce energy costs. It is also an environmentally friendly material and has been tested and proven to be resistant against corrosion and is nontoxic to humans. Unlike timber it is resistant to termites. Other notable characteristics of this type of fiber cement panel are: does not warp, decay, swell nor become soft, it is non-combustible and does not generate smoke and it does not contain asbestos, glass or formaldehyde. It is made from the same materials that make fiber cement (except for the core), namely: cement and sand, cellulose, water and additivies.