Installing Fiber Cement Trim

With the revolution that fiber cement has made in the home improvement world many people are now leaving the traditional plank of wood behind. Despite the dust that fiber cement can cause when it is being cut-as opposed to wood-it is nonetheless the fist choice that homeowners look for when they are making there renovations. The fiber cement trim is one such innovation that steps away from the normal thickness of fiber cement to provide a thinner more attractive option. As a guide the steps involved in installing fiber cement trim are:

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  • Cut the trim to the size you desire with the use of a circular saw and ensure that the dust is being collected in a dust collector and that you are prepared by using protective eyewear.
  • You will need a elastomeric sealant when you are installing fiber cement trim. This prevent water from getting into crevices which could compromise the stability of the structure in question.
  • With the use of corrosion resistant nails nail the fiber cement in places until it touches the wood that is securing the trim. The nailing should be done for every 24 inches or less.
  • Once you have nailed the trim in place then you may paint it with water permeable paint and ensure that the fiber cement trim is not near to any area that has water, as this will destroy any sealant that has been used on it.