Fiber Cement: Wood Siding Alternative

For many years wood has played a vital role in the lives of many. From traditional wooden homes to fireplaces the use of this natural material has fueled the presence of a list of home improvement tactics that are now being replaced by fiber cement. Wood has been heavily criticized for its high maintenance cost and ease in attracting rodent and termites to a house. In additional to this it is highly flammable as has been dispensed from the construction world in many states. With the need for better alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and do not strain on the homeowner an imitation was created to surpass all the limitations that are associated with wood.

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Fiber cement is identical to wood but is far more superior to this natural material. For starters it is a man made material that is made by mixing cellulose fibers, cement, sand and other additives to produce a high end solution for the many setbacks that are associated with wood. With fire cement, wood becomes an alternative that is last on the siding list of any homeowner. Not only is fibers cement durable and not prone to rotting like wood, it is also a low maintenance solution for those that hate the thought of having to prepare themselves annually for painting and treating wood or even removing areas that have been subject to high levels of moisture retained by wood. Fiber cement cannot burn and does not suffer the fluctuations in size as wood when there are drastic temperature changes.